How to use the First To Know® 

First To Know® can be done comfortably at home, at any time of the day. After washing your hands with warm water, take the test out of the packaging. With the easy to use lancet, puncture the tip of one of your fingers. You may use any finger to perform the test, many women prefer the third finger. To obtain a sufficient blood drop you may compress the base of the fingertip with the thumb. Once a large blood drop forms, touch it to the tip of the test at the receiving channel. Be sure to fully fill the channel. You may need to obtain another drop of blood to do so. When the channel of the test is full, place the test on a horizontal plane and wait 10 minutes. After 10 minutes you can read the result.
The result can be read easily: 


“Not Pregnant” one line on “C” (control) 


“Pregnant” two lines, one on “C” (control) and one on “T” (test)
Note: A line of any intensity at the “T” indicates a positive result.

Not valid

There is no line on “C” (control). 

The test is not valid even if there is a line on “T” (test) and must be repeated with a new test. 

Find out how to do it the First To Know® pregnancy test 

What is First To Know®

How to use First To Know®