The first blood 

pregnancy test you can do by yourself

Blood detects pregnancy first


When the pregnancy hormone (hCG) enters the bloodstream, First To Know® can detect it. The First To Know® test can detect pregnancy after the 7th-8th day of conception.  


First To Know® has a high sensitivity of 10 mIU/ml, this means that it can detect minimal quantities of the pregnancy hormone beta-hCG.


Just a small puncture of the finger to obtain a blood drop is necessary to perform the test, after only a 10 minute wait, the result can be read.

First To Know® is the first and only diagnostic pregnancy test using blood with CE-DIV certification. (Notified Body 0373 ISS)

Comfortably at your home

The pregnancy test on blood to do comfortably at your home results 7/8 days after the presumed conception

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