Is it useful to know early if you are pregnant?

By Dr Valentina Pontello, Ob/Gyn Specialist.  

Yes, it is useful in many cases, I will explain further with some examples. Giulia has undertaken IVF. The doctor prescribed her a blood test for beta-hCG two weeks after embryo transfer, but she wants to know as soon as possible if she is pregnant. Federica is having fertile intercourses and is curious to know if her dream has become true. Francesca has had unprotected sex. She wishes to know if she is pregnant before the menstruation is due. Marta is thrombophilic and had 3 miscarriages before. As soon as she is pregnant, she needs to start her anticoagulant therapy to be sure that she and her baby are safe. Elena is a leather goods manufacturer and is exposed to toxic substances, she needs to have an early diagnosis of pregnancy to avoid malformation risks for the newborn. Paola needs an X-ray and wants to be sure she is not pregnant. Elisa has long menstrual cycles. Her period is late and the urine pregnancy test is negative. The doctor told her to repeat it after few days, but she is anxious and doesn’t want to wait.